12 September 2010

September happenings

Update from Tucson: We have a menagerie living under our roof. Our grapevine has been host to a plethora of caterpillars, and our recent arrival- a praying mantis! Shown here eating one of the caterpillars. We are also playing host to 7 swallowtail chrysalis and a handful of sphinx moths that may not emerge until next spring.

Matt ran a 10K, on a whim, last weekend. He survived the AZ heat and completed 20th in his age bracket. The kids and I are in awe that he can just trot out the door, run 8 miles, and be back for breakfast.

We have a new visitor on our front porch; Mr. Tarantula. Very cool. He doesn't move very fast, so the kids were willing to sit and watch him for awhile.

Lu is as busy keeping all of us in line. She was taken with the fact that her "baby" looks like her, so she demanded I take a picture to document this revelation.

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