27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Evan was delighted to lick a beater after I made whipping cream for the pecan pies. That's my boy!
This is a picture of Thanksgiving, round two. We had a squadron Thanksgiving on Thursday and this Saturday we celebrated with close friends we've met here at Osan. We borrowed a community room and Anna, Laura and I put together another Thanksgiving feast. Everyone at until they were sated to repletion, and the lieutenants took home the leftovers. We are very blessed to have a healthy family, a roof over our heads, and such good friends near by.

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26 November 2008

late November

Evan brought home a beautiful "tree" that he made at school. The students went for a walk around the school and church and picked up leaves to make their trees. The floppy or fragile leaves were laminated by the teacher, then mounted on stiff straws. Evan enjoyed taking the leaves out of the trunk and putting them back in again. Once the leaves started crumbling all over the kitchen, we bid the tree a fond adieu.
Going for a walk during the middle of November- all the Ginko trees were a gorgeous yellow. The wind was just starting to pick up and the leaves were blown all over the fields near our house. Very pretty.
So, the girl likes to suck on her two middle fingers- rock star style. These are the preferred fingers for keeping her busy, soothing or just having something to do.... and, then, after awhile I don't hear any more noises from the blanket- and, presto, she's asleep.
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24 November 2008


Yipee for the Green Bay Packers!
Yeah for Obama- quite the thing to see the President-elect on Korean TV.

And Evan loves finger painting... but washes his hands frequently to "keep them clean while I'm painting."
My two lovies playing in the morning sunshine- Linny is kicking like crazy but isn't quite coordinated enough to crawl yet, but she's very good at holding her head up and grabbing for tasty things.

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10 November 2008

fun with the kiddos

Lulu on the bed- sporting her squirrel outfit. Maybe someday she'll be an AGD legacy...
And Evan, being cuddly with sister-bear- the mosquitos had quite a feast on her while she was sleeping.

Cozy in her blankets and sucking her fingers... sweet girl. And my two munchkins after a bath- squeaky clean!
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Strength and Grace

For something to challenge your body and mind:

Yoga Journal - Yoga Home Practice - Strength and Grace

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04 November 2008

Political leanings...

I've added a new sidebar- it shows where corporations spend their political donations. I've downloaded it from goodguide.com. The donations start on the left (completely donating to the Democrats) and using the slide bar on the right, you can scroll down to see companies that donate to both parties, and eventually parties that donate completely to the GOP.

03 November 2008

A walk in the neighborhood

Yes, when I'm doing a little planting, and the sun is beating down on my neck, I think "Gee, I could use some shade..." Fear not, the resourceful Korean farmer has a solution! Lash an umbrella to your shovel! Perfect! Portable garden shade! Why didn't I think of that...

The munchkins in the stroller- Evan's bringing his necklace with us while we go on our walk. Linnea just sits back there and looks around while she chews on her hands and occasionally coos. As you can tell from the picture, it's been just wonderful weather here- this was taken the weekend before Halloween and the temp was in the mid 70s during the day. Loverly.

Beautiful persimmons growing on a tree in a courtyard. Just at the base of our hill. Does anyone know of any persimmon recipes? What do you do with them, besides just eating them?

"Construction" in Korea. Rip it down, make a huge mess, and figure out what to do with it after the fact... This is right at the corner of a secondary intersection between our house and the shopping strip. Amazing to see a house just ripped apart. Evan was quite impressed and a little scared of the pile of rubble.
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