31 October 2008

My little Halloween critters

Yes, after much discussion, Evan was a lime-colored butterfly for Halloween. Not a Monarch, not blue, not pink... lime green. So, naturally, Linnea was a little caterpillar... We celebrated Halloween by trick-or-treating the apartments in the on-base housing high-rise. 10 floors of candy. Wow. We made it through 3 of them- Evan wanted to eat each morsel before moving on to the next doorway... we finally convinced him it was OK to save the candy in a bag so we could move a little quicker to the next candy cornucopia. He nibbled on some Chocolate Skittles (which were gross, in my opinion), a Babe Ruth and some psychedelic green and blue Twizzlers. We finished the night by chasing buddy Colin ALL over the place- have to burn off the candy somehow!
Colin's grandparents were visiting from Wisconsin and they offered to put the boys to bed so the parents could go out and have a little fun of our own- which we did! Linnea conked out by 8:30 and we headed out to meet up with the squadron pub crawl. After a few shots of glow-in-the-dark Soju, a couple Vodka tonics, a good game of darts with Laura and visiting six bars, we called it a night. It was fun to be "young" and out on the town again- I think it's been over 18 months since the last time Matt and I had a wild and crazy late night. I'm determined it won't be another 18 months until our next pub crawl... I hear there are some good Hashing clubs in Tucson...
Happy Halloween.

29 October 2008

Linny says "wow"

Evan is discussing the new batteries in the mobile- Linnea is her usually chatty self:

24 October 2008

Good kids

Evan's nighttime ritual is finally something I look forward to, instead of the 3 hour battle it used to be. He finished dinner, we play soccer, take a bath with Lulu ("Sometimes sister need to take a little dip to get fresh, Mom. I think that stinky little gr-irl needs to take a bath with me"), brush teeth, watch our favorite 15-25 minutes of Cars, then hit the hay. Matt or I sing him a couple songs from an old hymnal we have (I can't wait for the Christmas songs!), then he dozes off while he watches his nightlight/projector on the wall. However... one night I found him, reading his book on constellations by the light of his night light- about 10 minutes later he was asleep, so I snapped a picture. Sweet boy.

We went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers- a Christian-sponsored group that promotes active parenting) and while I was participating in the "Mommy discussion", Evan was in playgroup and getting his face painted- with balloons and King- the blue racecar from Cars, for those of you who don't have a male toddler who's addicted to the movie. Evan is happily eating grits and sporting his facepaint.

Linnea is growing SO fast- She had her 4 month appointment last week. She's just at 14 lbs and 23". Tall for her age, but right at the 50th percentile for weight. She's not setting any records, like her brother was at this age. It's actually nice to have a baby that can wear 0-3 month clothes for longer than 5 weeks... In comparison, Evan was about 13lbs at TWO months old. As you can see, she's her happy, smily self. I love seeing her wake up in the morning- First she squawks for a bit, then rubs her eyes and tries on all her myriad of faces... finally realizes that there's a familiar face above her and she breaks into a huge grin and gurgling. She is a delight.

Evan is happy to hold Linnea and talk to her- he likes to rock in this little chair with her. I think she was, um, passing a little gas while I was taking the picture and Evan thought that was pretty darn funny.
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01 October 2008

Halloween fun at Everland

We ventured out to Everland yesterday- enjoying a lull in the crowds on a mild Tuesday afternoon. I was amazed to see so many school groups at the front gates. All the little kiddos were maybe 5-7 years old, in matching Burberry plaid outfits (of course!), being led by a single teacher. The kids were very good about staying in line and following their teacher. I can't imagine that anyone would even think of taking 20 American preschoolers to Disneyland for the day!

And I have to mention the Korean fashion- "What shall I wear for a day walking through an
Amusement Park? hmmm... Something practical, comfortable and cute? No, I think I'll go with the striped shirt, ruched overall capris (with one strap casually tossed aside), my bunny ears, and my favorite 4" vinyl yellow heels with the peep toe. Perfect."
You can't make this stuff up.
We met up with the McEwen's (Colin is Evan's chase partner) and did a few rides, then watched the Halloween parade... wow.

There are no words to express what we saw. The "bat fairy" did his little dance in front of the kids- not sure if they were impressed, or scared out of their minds.
Enjoy the video, which is a clip of the culmination of the parade... a crazy elaborate show with bears dressed like pumpkins chasing each other on Segways. Wild.
Evan thought the music was a bit loud... but enjoyed the show anyway.

We also went to the flower garden- Evan leaned over the edge of the fountain, which was turned off and just smooth water, and no sooner had he stood up these huge jets of water turned on. He was a little startled- but quite happy with himself and his new superpower abilities to turn on fountains.

As the evening drew on, the pumpkin sculptures and big torches in the garden lit up. It was really cool. A cute picture of us, minus Evan, who was too busy chasing Colin to be bothered with our nonsense. So it goes.

Happy Halloween.
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