04 December 2008

Christmas trees!

A REAL Christmas tree!!! Our first, since we've been married. I find it slightly hilarious that we traveled all the way to Korea and ended up with a tree from Oregon... go figure.

Evan hung up the ornaments... on one branch. Which was touching the ground by the time he was finished.

I had the opportunity to help decorate a tree sponsored by the Osan Breastfeeding Support Group. It graced the entryway of the Officers Club for the month of December. Other groups like the 303rd Intel Squadron, and Vet Clinic decorated trees as well. Our tree was adorned with flesh-toned orbs, breastpads cut into snowflakes, necklaces, and a lovely star topper made from Medela bottles. We won third prize for our decorations!! yeah!

I made the kiddos their stockings this year- Evan's was made from solar system fabric (thanks, Nana Cheryl!), and Linny's was made from a dark blue flannel. We were blessed with many packages and presents from our friends and family. Evan posed for a quick picture Christmas morning, then tore into his stocking. I think he would have been happy with just the treats and books in his stocking- he opened those and seemed content. The thought of opening all the presents under the tree had been such a temptation for so long that he couldn't believe he was FINALLY going to get to open them!

We have been very fortunate and blessed to have a wonder-filled 2008, complete with the birth of our own little angel. :)

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