21 April 2009

Gramma and Clayton come to visit!

Gramma and Clayton do a great job of feeding Miss Lulu all sorts of tasty treats... raisin bread, bananas and oatmeal, strawberries, avocado, pears and crackers. yum yum.

We journeyed two hours south of Osan to Jeonju- which is a BIG city. I'm hoping we can get back there to explore more of the sights- there is a large university, a Folk Museum and a paper-making museum. We did get up to a temple on the outskirts of town- Songgongwa-sa. This is a picture of us ladies in front of the temple. They had everything decorated for Buddha's birthday- May 5th- and the trees were just starting to fill with blossoms. Lovely!

Gramma and Clayton at the street market with Lulu. Notice the tree in full bloom behind them- it is a beautiful time of year to be in Korea.

Playing hide and seek with snookums. She continues to be a VERY happy and joyful young lady. We are so delighted to have her in our family.
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13 April 2009

Happy Easter!!

This year we attended the Easter Egg Hunt that was held at Osan Air Base. The yard in front of Turumi Lodge was filled with eggs for kids of all ages. Ev and Lulu were happy to see lots of eggs and balloons decorating the area.
And...they're off!!! All the kids dashed off to pick up as many eggs as they could fit in their baskets. Then the eggs are traded in for an age-appropriate treat bag... which was filled with many tasty things :) Ev was delighted.
Lulu trying her hand at egg collecting...
Easter dress for Miss Lu.
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