30 July 2007

Korea on my mind...

10 days ago we found out DH would be going to Korea for the next 12 months. A inevitable assignment while stationed in the USAF. We are delighted that he will be out of reach of the deployments and further delaying his trip to "the sandbox", but it gives our family a couple big choices to make. I have found that there are three opportunities for me to become employed with my original employer- all amounting to a six-figure salary in the first year. However, to stay at home I become the sole parent to our little boy and I will have a 60-80 hr work week... a big transition from a 0 hour work week. ha!
I think the hardest part of the decision is to make peace with whatever I decide. I can go to Korea and be far away from family and friends, but be near the ones I love. Or, I can stay in Tucson and get back on the corporate wagon, but be FAR away from DH. Really the idea of choosing to keep the little one and I away from DH is the biggest reason NOT to choose to stay in Tucson.