27 August 2008

Little Linnea

Basking in the afternoon sunshine at Gramma's house:Modeling the lovely new sweater that Aunt Ching Yi gave her... is that a smirk I see?

Sleeping on the deck with Papa Chuck:

Chilling in the early morning with Mom and Evan:
Enjoying the sites on our day trip to Seoul:

18 August 2008

Everland w/ C&C

We visited Everland, again, with Chuck and Cheryl, on Monday, August 18th. Cheryl carried Linnea around in the Baby Bjorn- and made friends with the various Korean characters. It was a rainy and blustery day- which was great for keeping the crowds away! Chuck and Evan went on "Flash Pang Pang":We had our run of the place and Evan went on his first amusement park rides. Which included three trips around the racetrack as the "Seahorse Driver." Apparently, there is a charge for this ride, but we played stupid Americans and showed the operator our cute blonde-haired little boy... and then she wouldn't let him OFF the ride. What a charmer!

03 August 2008

Raspberry picking

Picking raspberries at Boxx Berry Farm with Pops and Kissy- the berries were HUGE and delicious! Evan managed to eat the raspberry on his pinky before I could snap a picture