25 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Lulu

Well, the little munchkin is the big ONE. She's got 20 lbs, two little teeth, some big smiles and chubby thighs to show for it. We celebrated the big day a home with close friends (and neighbors) Megan, Brian, Anna and John. Lulu opened up her beautiful presents with glee... new blocks and a truck from Grandma and Clayton, new clothes and blocks from Nana Cheryl and Papa Chuck, new clothes and a swimsuit from Aunt Ching Yi, and a Lulu puzzle from Pops and Kissy.

We all enjoyed the party- I made some nice summer salads and Matt picked up a dolphin ice cream cake from BR.
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20 June 2009

Kiddos at play

New visors for the kiddos to block out the relentless Korean sunshine... and so they can fit in with all the other Koreans who wear visors. E's says "Friend Ship" and Lulu's says "SweetHeart". awwwhhhh.

Doing a little light reading... and helping me "organize" the bookshelf. What were all those silly books doing on the shelves?? It's much easier to find things when they are
spread out all over the floor!!

Plastic tunnel from Oriental Trading Company- fun, fun, fun!

Little Bean playing at the new play area in Pyeongtaek. She isn't walking yet, but getting quite brave about climbing up on things. I was suprised that she was able to navigate all the plastic balls on the floor.
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10 June 2009

Letting go...

Just Let Go

Link above is to a nice article in Yoga Journal about letting go.
The steps of detachment:
1: Acknowledgement
2: Self-Inquiry
3: Processing
4: Creative Action
5: Freedom

Detachment is one of the hardest lessons in life, I feel. Perhaps for me, the harder thing to learn is letting yourself become completely absorbed in something- to trust, to have faith, to love. My tendency is to keep my distance, so that part of me is always detached, from everything. But, the tree that stands alone in the field is more easily uprooted in the windstorm. The trees in the forest have each other for support.

From the article: " I have a huge amount of respect for the Zen warrior approach to the inner life, the one in which you heroically renounce your weaknesses and tough out the hard stuff, perhaps using your sense of humor to give you the power to move forward." I identify with this, but it also leaves me drifting over the tops of my emotions and never getting down the weeds to think about how I really FEEL about things. My DH can attest to this!

So, PCS season is here and we bid a "till we meet again" to the friends that we've made, and begin to feel that emptiness in our hearts. Not so many familiar faces around base. Fewer kids at the playgroups. Nobody left to invite to Lulu's birthday party :(

I was just commenting to a friend the other day- "I'm so busy dwelling on everyone that's leaving that I don't have any energy left to welcome the new folks to town."

I guess I'm still acknowledging all the detachment that's taking place. I'll keep you posted on how the "self-inquiry" step is going-

02 June 2009

Out and around Osan

The boys riding bikes- the community garden is just behind them. We are nursing along some tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, onions, parsley, mint, peas, peppers, lettuce and a smattering of random flowers. CE doesn't have the water spigot hooked up yet, so we are hand-carrying water to the garden every couple days.
Pics of the family a one of the many fini-flights this past month- Lulu actually LIKES wearing the earmuffs- she's probably realized that having your cheeks squooshed is better than being deafened by a gaggle of F-16s.
Ms. Lu and I exploring the Dragon's Jewel temple with Anna and Jane. LOVELY PEONIES. Ah... reminds me of my wedding boquet... 5 years ago. Amazing how the time has flown; 5 zipcodes and 2 children later... here we are!

My new workout regime consists of carrying Lulu everywhere. So we've done the flight line twice w/ her in the backpack. 6 miles with 25 lbs on my back is certainly a good workout!! This picture is from an afternoon where we explored the trails around Osan. Matt was able to join us and we hiked up to a little temple and gazebo about Pyeongtaek. Nice cool day and a sweet baby cooing in my ear all the way up the hill. What could be better?
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